Please Refer to the 'Shipping and Payments' Tab of the Listing, for Your Choices of Shipping Options.


We Ship Almost EVERYWHERE.


If Your Shipping Destination or Country is Not Listed, Please Contact us for Pricing.


As you are aware, there are many ways that we can ship this item to your destination.  We will always try to find the best methods of shipping for your particular requirements and preferences.  Shipping Prices are based on 'Weight', not 'Value', so, its is wise to evaluate your 'Total Cost' (Product + Shipping) before making your purchase.


Please choose the Shipping Method that best meets Your Requirements for Price, Speed, and Security.


Since the information provided on the 'Payments Tab' of the listing is limited, we are providing important supplemental information here. 


If more than 1 of this item is purchased, and all purchased at the same time and are shipped at the same time, to the same destination, Additional Shipping Discounts will automatically be calculated and discounts will be provided.  In some cases, using some shipping methods, additional items can actually be shipped FREE **.  To see the Shipping Costs of multiple items, simply change the 'Quantity' field on the screen and click the 'Get Rates' button.  Your new rates will be displayed.


All Costs shown are in U.S. Dollars ($) and INCLUDE INSURANCE.




USPS First Class Mail - Delivery Time: Varied / Not Stated.

USPS Priority Mail      - Delivery Time: 6 - 10 Days.

USPS Express Mail     - Delivery Time: 5 - 9   Days.




-- Any Delivery Times quoted are in Business Days and have been provided to us by the U.S. Postal Service.  The USPS does not guarantee this time estimate's accuracy.  You can check with the U.S. Postal Service for more information.

-- We do not keep track of, nor do we account for, any Brokerage Fees that may be charged by any Carrier. Finding out that information, for your locale, is Your Responsibility.

-- We do not keep track of, nor do we account for, any Duties or Customs Charges that are charged by Your Government. That is Your Responsibility.

-- 'Real' Package Tracking is only available for the following shipping options: USPS Express Mail, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.  Tracking for all other shipping options, if it exists, cannot be depended on.

-- Buyer is responsible for knowing and complying with all Import and Customs regulations at the shipping destination.  Seller is responsible for knowing, and will comply with, all Export regulations at the originating destination.

-- Insurance Coverage Quoted is for Items that have a Value of US$ 100.00 or less.  If the Value of the item purchased is Over US$ 100.00, Additional Insurance will need to be purchased and you will be notified of the additional cost.

-- Customs Declaration Forms are Legal Documents.  Please do not ask us to falsify these documents by declaring a different value than the price you paid for your item, or to indicate that your item is a ‘Gift’.  To do so would be in violation of international laws and that is not something that we will do … so please do not ask us to do so.


The choice of shipping will be yours.


All of the amounts shown are derived from the most current postal rates that are being provided by the U.S. Postal Service.


We hope this helps you and we are looking forward to doing business with you.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.



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